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What we hope the "next normal" brings

April 18, 2020|Change, Crisis, Leadership

There is a lot that is challenging about being a human, let alone a worker or a leader right now. But big adversity can inspire big change, in fact, that’s often what it takes! We don't know when this situation will ease up, but it's fair to assume that our world won't go right back to "normal", and that's probably a good thing. For our part, we hope the “next normal” includes a few adaptations from that we are learning right now.

Some empty meeting rooms.

The simple fact that meetings require more organization right now might be giving people more pause and consideration when setting them up. Being a little more thoughtful about when we really need to get together for a meeting would increase productivity and save organizational time, money and energy!

More comfortable with virtual work.

We have the tools (really, we've had them for a while) and hopefully we are building the management processes and trust it takes to work together virtually. Getting more comfortable with this could mean...

  • Less travel. One of our clients said it well early in this process, "we already should have been only doing 'essential' travel, now we are really holding ourselves to that". What could minimizing some of your unnecessary travel do for your life, T&E budget and productivity?

  • Expanded hiring pools. Confidence in virtual work means that you could not just hire the best person for the job in that location, but the best person for the job, period.

  • Work/life integration. Virtual work as an option gives us more flexibility to fit in our real lives. Moves, family obligations and travel doesn't have to stop work.

  • Reduced office costs, when hiring doesn't always mean more desk or office space.

Being our whole-selves at work

Whole Self

We are all getting used to seeing & hearing pets and kids pop into virtual meetings by now. Perhaps this is the shock that will get us all a little more comfortable with being ourselves – our whole selves – at work, and enjoying getting to know our colleagues and clients on a more personal level.

What else have you learned that you hope will be a part of your "next normal"? What are you doing to make sure that happens?

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