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Four Winning Sales Strategies that endure beyond Covid-19

May 13, 2020|Crisis, Sales, Strategy

 Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.”  - Max McKeown

We’ve seen a lot of commentary in sales professional networking groups these last 6 weeks about how now simply isn’t the time to sell. At Luminaries, we believe that couldn't be farther from the truth! People who need your services are buying and you definitely can, and must, keep selling right now. Some of it involves simple adjustments to our approach: a little more empathy and grace. But we should be doing is what we should have been doing all along --- just with even more focus and discipline. It’s in that spirit that we’re providing these four tips for effective, adaptable sales organizations as they slowly get back on the road in the coming weeks and months:

Tip #1:  Hone your sales process and skills.

On the process front, its more critical than ever to focus on the winnable opportunities. Set clear priorities around what those are and help hold each other to them with well-thought through deal reviews. On the skills front, now is not the time to fumble through the sales process. Instead, equip your sales team to sell successfully in a virtual environment, dealing with new customer priorities and new objections. Undoubtedly, the ability to sell and win can be done regardless of whether it’s in person or virtually, so the skills your team learns during unprecedented change now will be durable and lasting even when they can travel again.

Tip #2:  Focus your value proposition.

Carefully target buyers with messaging that's appropriate and matters to them. Take time to comprehensively formulate an answer to this question:  What's the customer or market opportunity your company can address? It’s about finding ways you can help customers where they need it most, or add value that they are otherwise missing. This is where sales and marketing can collaborate smarter to align on messaging, develop leads and convert them from start-to-finish.

Tip #3:  Expand current relationships.

Prioritize customers where you already have an established relationship, who value your partnership and recognize what you bring to their business.  In this challenging environment, some businesses are succeeding, even thriving. Strategically target accounts you know you can grow and also resource them accordingly.

Tip #4:  Get Creative!  

Pandemics, recessions, natural disasters and other times of crisis can be great dividers --- organizations who adapt and thrive are those who stare change in the eye and innovate based on what they see. They continue to take risks. They don’t fear failure. And they push past what others see as barriers. Take some time to think about your company’s services. What solutions are legacy, what solutions are emerging, and what solutions can you make significant adjustments and tailor to meet new customer needs? Finding ways to reposition or innovate your solutions will help you maintain steady, value-driven pricing, even in a down economy

Get More: Holly LaBoda and Sara Black, founders at Luminaries Consulting, have just launched the Logistics Sales Academy, with a distinct focus on creating value and building skills for virtual sales environments. Luminaries is a TMSA Affiliate Member and partners with the TMSA Education Committee to deliver cutting-edge knowledge and best practices for sales professionals and sales leaders in logistics and transportation.  

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